1 Life And 3 Big Opportunities

They say you get 3 big opportunities that happen to you in your lifetime.

I’ve had 2 myself.

1) The tech company I was working for during whole dot com bubble of 1999 got bought out and my stock options vested immediately.  Got paid about $40,000 after taxes.  For someone in their twenties, it was a huge deal.

2) Around the same time, actually a couple years earlier, I found the home business industry and internet marketing.  The things that I’ve learned from this over the last 15 years have changed my life and the skills I’ve created for myself have led me to create my own online business consulting.

So my question to you is, what have been your big 3?

Are you on #1 or #2?

Have you gone through all 3?

The digital franchise model we’ve been talking about this week cold be one of these 3 big opportunities for you.

This type of business model is similar to what I got involved with in 1999.

It’s actually mush more streamlined that that old program though and it’s easier to market your business now with the way the internet is going.  Back then it was just advertise your webpage in chat rooms, news groups and free classifieds.

So you want more info?  Would you like to work together?

I also offer several bonuses worth over $1k that will carry you for years, give you a head start and give you what I like to call “vertical acceleration” in your business and life.

Let’s review:

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Blog #2 – Why you need one

Blog #3 – The hybrid business model

Here’s a recent case study I did on how this business can work for you using it’s high converting sales funnel.

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