11 Tips For Online Home Business Entrepreneurs

An online home business can be very lucrative.  It also can be very painful if not built right the first time.

Here are 11 tips to get you started off right.

Pick A Niche

Choosing what niche to go into may be relatively easy or may require some research and study on your part.  If I were you, I would choose something that you are passionate about.

I’m passionate about home business, internet marketing and technology so these are the niches that I run in.  For you it may be something like weight loss, financial services or building sheds.  It could be anything.

Pick something you have an interest in and go from there.  After you are profitable and if time allows, then you can venture into other niches and create new income streams.

Find A Product Or Service To Sell

You want to start off selling as an affiliate rather than creating your own products.  This means you can earn a commission of a product or service that someone else has already created.  Getting in business quickly is the key here.  Once you are successful and have learned the ropes, you can move into creating your own products and services if this is the road you would like to take.

You can get started with affiliate marketing at places like clickbank.

There are plenty of different products in different niches there to quench your thirst.

Choose A Domain Name

Once you have a niche picked out and have a product to sell, it’s time to pick a domain name.  I use GoDaddy.

Go with a dot com name.  There are still plenty of dot com names available in 2-3 name phrases you can go with.  If you come up with a domain name that you just must have and the dot come version is taken, go with dot net or dot org.  Stay away from the others especially if you are going to have a blog attached to your domain and you are going to want search engines to rank your content high.

Get A Hosting Account

Hosting is your next step.  This is simply a file system that hosts your domain and its internal files and folders.  I use WPEngine.  I used to use something else and had a really bad experience with outages and slow loading speed so I switched to hostgator, then switched to WPEngine and they have been great so far.

Create A Landing Page

A landing page is a simple one page website that will introduce you or the product or service that you are selling.  It’s basically going to introduce a solution to a problem in most cases.

There are many different types of landing pages that can be used for different things.

For example your blogs main page might be different that a page that you are using in an advertising campaign.  It all depends on what you decide your page is going to be used for.  What is it’s purpose?

You need to use these landing pages to build an email list using an email autoresponder software.  You can then follow up with your potential customers and give them information that will hopefully lead to a sale.

Build a relationship with your email list.  Do not use it for spammy and over-hyped sales tactics.  Use it to give your list good information about you, your product, service, niche and industry.

Optimize Press is a landing page creation software that removes the technical challenges involved with publishing landing pages, sales pages and membership sites.  I use it to power my 3 most important sites within wordpress.

Build A Followup Campaign

Your email autoresponder software will let you create followup email messages that will go out to your list once someone opts into your landing page.  Ever hear the term “the money is in the list?”  That’s true, but it’s actually in the followup.  Following up with your list will increase your conversions which is very important if you are running paid advertising campaigns.

Start A Blog

Starting a blog will let you communicate with the world and get your message out.  When someone reaches your blog and clicks on a link to your landing page, this is a good opportunity to get a new lead for your business.

Blog about your industry, your product, your service, you and everything in between.

Use Twitter to communicate with others and share your information.

Opportunity is endless.

Write Everyday

You need to get in the habit of writing everyday.  On social media, on your blog, to your list.  Make time to do this.  Get the word out about what you have to offer.  Help people.  Give away free advice.

Build trust and rapport.

Use the real estate of the internet to your advantage.  Be entertaining and use your personality.  The internet is a great tool but will do nothing for you if you don’t take advantage of it.

Help Your Customers

Your email list is a great asset.  Your customer list is even better since these are the people that have actually pulled out their credit card and have bought something from you.

Help them along on their journey.  Give them things that you don’t give to your email list of prospects.  Treat them like insiders.  Go above and beyond what your competitors are doing.

Reinvest Some Of Your Profit

Once you have some product sales and you have a vision of what things could be like, reinvest into your business and scale it up.

You may want to invest in new traffic sources like PPC advertising.

There are plenty of people that would like to write a guest blog post for you.

Find them.

Start looking into outsourcing certain tasks that are time consuming.

You don’t want to be wasting time doing things that you can pay someone else to do for you.

Sell Your Customers More Products

Like I said, treat your customers different than your list of leads.

Some products and services that you may be offering are not going to be right for your email list of potential customers but they may be right for your customers that have already bought your entry level product.

The more solutions you can give your customers will in turn become more profitable for you while giving them the best experience possible.

This is a business and a business is an exchange of goods and services that solve a problem for a monetary amount.

Help as many people solve their problems as possible and you should have a very successful online home business.

If you would like help building your online business whether it’s consulting or done for you services to remove the technology gap, you can sign up here to request a free strategy session.