16 Steps To A New Online Business Startup In Any Niche

Are you starting a new online business or entering into a new niche? Here is my generic step by step checklist .

1) Find a market for a new niche.

2) Find out what they want.

3) Find out what they need.

4) Create a product for them or find a product you can sell to them on an affiliate networks like Clickbank or Amazon.

5) Pick a unique domain name for your new business.

6) Set up a hosting account or use your current account if you already have one.

7) Create your offer.  Think of this offer as your unique offe to your marketr, not just an offer for a product or service.

8) Create your landing page. This is the first step in creating your sales funnel.

9) Create your first headline. This will be all about your unique offer to your market.

10) Integrate your email auto-responder.

11) Create your follow-up sequence. These emails should be all about your unique offer to this market and should offer tips, training, products and services that can help your leads, clients and customers get what they want.

12) Start driving targeted traffic to your landing page.

13) Start blogging everyday. Give the market what they want.

14) Start social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.  Add content on a daily basis. Pretend you have 100,000 followers and that every day they wake up to see what you posted. If you do this, one day you just might have 100,000 followers interested in what you have to say.

15) Continue to drive targeted traffic to your landing page and focus on conversions from traffic to lead and lead to sale. You want to be able to scale your business and do this you need to know how much your customers are costing.

16) Keep working on driving targeted traffic and bringing your cost per customer down.

Congrats!  You now have your own online business.

Need help with these steps?  It can get frustrating especially if you lack an understanding of certain technical skills surrounding websites and sales funnels.

I offer business in a box type solutions to get you started right.