2 Of The Biggest Conversion Points In Your Business

There are many conversion points in your business and sales funnel.

Here are the two that I think you need to focus on moving forward.

Traffic To Lead Conversion

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business and lead generation is the next point.

You need to focus on traffic to lead conversion and getting it as close to 25 to 45 percent as you can. A good landing page with targeted traffic should be able to get about a 25%  conversion.  If you’re not seeing these kind of numbers, here are a couple things you can do.

Split Test The Landing Page

You can run split tests on the landing page to see if the page itself or the headline is the problem.

Start with the headline and other page copy and then you can even try split testing the type of page.

Check With Your Traffic Providers

Make sure the traffic hitting the page is good, targeted traffic.  Make sure whoever is selling you the traffic is not passing off a bunch of junk clicks from low end solo ads and other traffic exchange type programs which is basically just junk traffic.

Lead To Sale Conversion Point

This could be the biggest conversion point in your business due to the fact that this is where your first product will be sold and if you’re doing paid advertising, you need to be able to at the very least get close to breaking even to scale your business correctly.  A good percentage to shoot for here would be 3 to 5 % so for every hundred leads you get, you should look for 3 to 5 paid customers.

It could be more but this is a good number to shoot for especially if you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing or selling your own products and services.

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