Addicted To Being Miserable

Are you addicted to being miserable.  Have you ever known somebody that was?

Like a heroin addict, they can’t seem to kick their habit.

They’re addicted to mediocrity.

They’re addicted to stress and anxiety.

They’re addicted to failure.

They’re addicted to being un-organized.

They’re addicted to a poverty mindset.

They blame everyone but themselves for their problems.

Now most of this is taking place on a very sub-conscious level and the poor sap is hardly aware of their issues.

This differs greatly from a real heroin addict as they know they’re addicted and they don’t care.

Let’s dive in a little deeper.

What would happen if I gave 10 of these people an opportunity to have more than what you might call a normal life?

Most would jump at the chance to have a more full-filling life and bigger bank account.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?

The real question is how many people would actually do the work required to get there?

The answer is not many.  It’s easier to listen to a boss you hate tell you what to do all day and be a mindless worker bee than to actual think for yourself and blaze your own trail.

People love to be told what to do and what to think.

Again, it’s an addiction of the masses.

So how do you break that addiction?  First you have to figure out that a way out actually exists.  Most people going through their lives like a drone don’t know that another path is even an option.

I would start right here and learn about wealth, leverage and what the rich do to live above the masses.