Advice For The SoloPreneur In The Online Home Business Industry

Advice For The SoloPreneur In The Online Home Business Industry

I just started a new website so I could get back to my roots in the online publishing business model.

I used to have a really cool website/blog that I used to not only sell affiliate products but I served online ads as well.  This is a really fun business model because there is less of a hassle and less to deal with when compared to the normal online home business world.

Affiliate marketing.

Network marketing.

Direct Sales.

List building.

Team building.

Not as fun as online publishing and serving ads.  You don’t have to sell anything.  You essentially become Google’s partner and make some extra cash on the side.  If you focus and set some goals, maybe you could even replace your income.

So how do you do all this?  Well, I have the technical stuff handled for you if you want to get into an online business including online publishing.

What about the other stuff?  The mindset and planning?

Here’s my advice:

Set a goal.

Make a plan.

Plan out your days, weeks, months and years with your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

Keep track of your progress.


If I’m going to hit a goal of driving 100 new visitors to my site per day, I need to do certain things on a daily basis to hit that goal and if I do it right, I will create a snowball effect and can end up driving even more traffic than I planned on.

So sit down tonight and plan out your summer.  Don’t attend the latest and greatest shiny object webinar.

Create a goal and make a plan.  Lay it all out in detail.

Video On Hitting Your Goals

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