Affiliate Cookie Monsters

I think people would be surprised about how many sales they are loosing out on over time in affiliate marketing.

Let’s look at this problem and break it down.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you are using an advertising link that links you to the sale of someone else’s product.  If they click on your link and buy, you get part of the sale.

No what if they don’t buy right away?

Most likely, they will get an email follow-up from the product owner (let’s just assume they opted in at some point).

The product owner is now sending emails on your behalf to the lead.

Good right?  Well, in most cases, yes.

Some product owners will mail using the naked link, which means just a link to their product or service that has no affiliate tracking attached to it.

This is fine if they’ve already clicked on your link and there is a tracking cookie in their browser but what if they are using another browser?

What if they are using their tablet?

Their smart phone?

Their sisters computer?

They could be downstairs in the kitchen using the smart TV…

Boom!  They buy using a different source than the one that they used when they clicked your link.

What happens?  The product owner gets the sale.  You get squat…

Sucks right?  You could be loosing just enough money in your campaigns to break even and instead of finding a new campaign that works, you’re looking for a new one cursing this affiliate marketing stuff.

This could add up over time so here’s what to do.

Never send traffic to an affiliate optin page.

Send traffic to your optin page that builds your own list.

Redirect to the sales page with your affiliate link.

Put your affiliate links in your emails.

Not only are you building your own list, you now have your links in the follow-up emails.  If the lead goes to the living room with their tablet, opens a email from you and then buys, you get the sale.

Just another reason to use your own sales funnel and build your own list.


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