Affiliate Marketing Bonus Week

I love affiliate marketing.

Yesterday I was watching the red-zone channel taking in the fast paced NFL highlights and bam, a “no-reply” notification came into my main email account.

Now this could mean anything.  A lot of companies use the “no-reply” subject line to send you updates and information.

However, if you’re an affiliate marketer, you know those notifications get a little exciting.  Many of these updates are going to be letting you know of a new lead, new sale and new commission.

Bank it!

I think I like these notifications better than selling my own consulting services.

Maybe because I can give more value by selling affiliate products.

If I was to sell a consulting package, let’s say a front end offer like a strategy session including a customized business plan, that’s all the customer gets.

It’s a great value, maybe the best in the industry.

Now what if I run a special offer for an affiliate product and I give away the consulting product as a bonus.

Now the customer gets the product as well as the consulting and in some cases, they come out ahead as the product or service they purchased is actually cheaper than the stand alone consulting product.

Win win all around!

I’m bringing out the affiliate bonuses this week to help you get ahead in your business and catch a wave of momentum.

So here’s the “deal” for today…

When you purchase the Attraction Marketing Formula and the Ultimate Sales Funnel list building and conversion system training, I’ll give you my best front end offer possible.  The 60 minutes of phone time with me and a custom business plan to get you to the next level.

Simply purchase the products and then send me an email or message on facebook and I’ll hook you up ASAP…

If this matches up with what you’re doing in your business or what you’d like to be doing, congrats!

Let’s get you to the next level.