Another Reason To Hate Product Launches

In an earlier post, I wrote about internet marketing product launches and touched on how they’ve not only reached parody level, but have surpassed it.

Here’s another reason not to get involved with them.

They will turn their email list into a never ending pitch fest.

No value.

No training.

That’s their business model and it goes like this: Give you a small piece of the puzzle in their latest and greatest product.  Have everyone in their inner circle round table group mail as JV partners to their lists and then return the favor when members of the inner circle come out with their own “latest and greatest” product of month…

You stay broke, you never get the whole picture which makes you buy the next product they come out with and it turns into a perpetual cycle.

Another thing that may happen to you is that you come to the conclusion that this might be the way to run an internet business and you start to do it yourself.

You mail to your list.  Product after wimpy product.

Your list burns out and you’re left with bad open rates and no clicks.

Don’t fall into the trap…

You want the whole puzzle?


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