Big Time Traffic For Pennies

Outside of the so called traffic kings and what the social media guru’s tell you about traffic, there are some business’s that are using strategies outside the norm and are killing it.

Most people online are following the same old thing:

Google AdWords – A great traffic source if you’re a small business.

Facebook PPC – One of the best traffic sources out there that’s becoming very hard to use and is getting more expensive.

Social Media Marketing – Trying to build a real business using social media like twitter by posting quotes and being positive (dumb).

So how are other smart marketers making a killing using lesser known options?

Here are some of the things they are doing:

PPV – Pay per view

Media Buying – Purchasing a large amount of traffic at a discount.

Banner Advertising – Placing ads on other websites.

Direct Mail – Going old school with your marketing and lead generation.

This Thursday we’ll dive into PPV traffic on a webinar training and look at how to place ads on any website you want to for pennies and how you can even direct link to affiliate products, business opportunities and almost any offer you can find.


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