Blog Comments Not What They Use To Be

The other day I spoke about the case against social media.

Spammy facebook groups

Amateur affiliate marketers and network marketers posting their advertisements all over the web making the rest of the industry look bad.

Blog comments go hand in hand with what I was talking about.

If it's not a blatant spam comment about weight loss, it's another industry related blogger posting a canned response to a well thought out post on your blog.

It's out of control.

Just last night I came across a post on CopyBlogger about removing blog comments all together.  While this is a good move and certainly not the first time I've seen someone go against the grain so to speak, this is the first time I've seen such a brilliant idea to go along with it.

Instead of having blog comments, they are moving the conversation to social media such as Google+ and Twitter.

Absolutely brilliant.  You take away any chance of getting spammy comments on your blog, save more time that you normally would be using to go through all of them and either approve or trash them while taking the conversation to social media and driving more traffic back to your site.

Very creative.

So get more creative in your business.  Be consistent.  

Get the snowball rolling.

Here's what I would call a master key for business building