Confessions Of A Junkie

That's right. I'm a sales funnel junkie…

If I come across your page and you look like you know what you're doing online, chances are I will opt-in to your sales funnel and check it out.

I'll analyze your landing page, sales page and email follow ups.

I'll look at how often you send an email follow up and how often you send a broadcast to your list.

I'm a sales funnel junkie. I admit it.

Sure, list building is very important, but if you're not giving the lead a good experience after the sign up, the're gone like the wind.

You need to keep them happy. 99% of the email lists I opt-in to are slacking big time. My inbox gets filled up everyday with all types of emails. Some I glance at, some I delete. If they really annoy me, I unsubscribe.

There is honestly only 2 or 3 emails I look forward to on a daily basis that I actually spend time to read every word.

So what do they do in their emails that everyone else is lacking? This is pure genius and if you get this you can throw away all the guru products and services you've bought over the last 3 years and start building a successful business!

So here it is:

1) They entertain in the emails.

2) They tell stories relating to their niche and experiences.

3) They give way useful information and tips.

4) They practice magnetic marketing.

Want a list of happy campers willing to listen, willing to buy and become more than just a lead? Write down those 4 things and start implementing them today.

If you don't know how to build your own sales funnel or you want to know how to build a list, you can click the link below and get started.


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