Consumer vs. Business Builder Mindset

Are you involved in the home business and internet marketing niches?

If you’re here reading this blog post or email newsletter, chances are that you’re either part of the industry already or looking to get in the game.

I’d like to give you a tip today that has the ability to transform the way you think about your business and will help you help more people have the kind of successes that are out there just waiting for you and your leads, clients and customers.

Your job as a business builder in the IM and home business niches is to bring people out of the consumer mindset and into the business building space.

It’s harder than you think but well worth the effort.

People that get caught in the rapids of the game are in a constant stream of buying things they don’t need, playing the refund game and blaming others for their lack of success.

Just the other day I was looking through some blog comments on a popular IM blog and came across someone that wanted to buy a product and was only going to buy if there was no upsell after the sale was made.

Keep in mind, this was someone in the IM space trying to build a business.

Here’s the big problem here…

A consumer worries about upsells.

A business builder buys the product just to see how the upsell is presented and what the upsell offer is.

A business builder buys the product just to see the upsell so they can model it in their own business.

See the problem here?

So…  Do you want to build a strong business using the power of the internet and do it the right way?

Do you want to think like a business builder that has a long term plan of action?

Change you mindset from consumer to business builder and help people do the same.

Your business will thrive.

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