Email Follow-up And The Front End Sales Funnel

A couple weeks ago, I was looking into a product for my business.  I actually stumbled across it when I saw it used in a promo for another product I was looking at.

Long story short…  I was close to buying.  It was exactly what I was looking for to take my business to the next level.  They even were offering a great promo for buying within the next week.  I really was on the fence.  I needed it but I could wait and buy it in a month or two.

They were sending emails every couple of days and I was reading them, going to the site, reading the testimonials and sitting with my finger on the mouse getting ready to fill out my credit card information on more than one occasion.

Then nothing.  Email follow-ups stopped and I haven’t heard from them since.

This is huge because if they’re putting a lot of traffic through their funnel, this could be happening with other potential buyers as well.

Dare I even tell you what the lesson here is?

Send email broadcasts to your list!  Not just the follow-ups that are pre-programmed to go out.  Send broadcasts too.

Send them 3 times a week.

Send them 5 days a week on weekdays.

You could be loosing business on a grand scale by not doing this right.

There’s more.  If you were doing one off advertising to a sales page, you wouldn’t even get a chance to send to your list and increase your conversions so create your own website, landing page and email follow-up even if you’re only selling affiliate offers.

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