Get More Traffic Starting Today

Working on a cool post right now called, "How to re-purpose content like a boss to get maximum exposure."

It's going to be a good one.  Especially if you want more free traffic.

Speaking of traffic, here's a tip to get more traffic starting today or as soon as you start to implement it.

Step 1) Create a video about online business, list building, affiliate marketing or anything in your niche.  It could be about car tires if you wanted it to be.

Step 2) Upload it to youtube with the main keyword in the title and a good summary including what the video is about and how it can help your potential customer.

Step 3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 with every keyword in your niche.  

There could be hundreds of keywords that your customers are typing in.  Find them.  You may have to change your videos around a little bit if the main video does not match up so get creative.

Use multiple youtube channels.  Don't upload the same video to the same channel.  Create a new channel for every keyword.  Create new videos on your new channels that can go along with your main video.

Get to work.  Get more traffic!

Here is your online business "key to the city…"