How Often Do You Do Promotions

Do you ever do business or affiliate promotions?  This would include special offers, a decrease in the price of your products and services for a limited amount of time or maybe some bonuses for buying an affiliate product from you.

I don’t do them that often and there’s a reason for it.

I don’t need to.

My consulting services can stand on their own 2 feet and the value that people get from the services I offer are 10 fold to what they can get elsewhere for a similar price.

However, I do run promotions on occasion and there are 2 main reasons why I do them.

1) It’s fun.  It’s fun to give things away and give people an excuse to pull the old credit card out of the wallet and purchase something of value.

2) It helps people with their problems.  Products and services solve problems(at least the good ones do).  When you give stuff away, you’re helping people get what they want.  This is business 101.  Give people what they want and solve their problems.  If you can do this, you’ll have a thriving business.

So here’s the deal for today.  I’m promoting the new MOBE (My Online Business Empire) direct sales and marketing system called TTI (Top Tier Income).

The front end product offer goes over the economics of online business and can drastically change the way you look  at your business in way that can change your life forever.  Once you go through the steps you’ll even have a chance to license a proven 7-figure business that can simplify your business forever.

When you purchase the TTI product from me, I’ll give you a free one on one consulting session where we’ll go over your business and plan out the next 3 months.  No matter what you’re doing, we’ll get you moving in a straight line.

I’ll also help you setup the front end of your business so you don’t have to worry about any technical issues forever.

Need more traffic?  We’ll go over that too.

If you decide to license the TTI system for your business, I’ll give you my $2400.00 consulting and done for you services package for free.

Ready to get started?  This is a game changer.


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