How The Right Mindset Can Have A Huge Impact On Your Future

The other day I was on an online forum and ran across someone that was having a hard time with his business.  He was marketing an affiliate product online and wasn’t having the results he thought he would have.

Basically, he was complaining (whining) about not seeing the conversions he thought he would have on the front end which would allow him to break even, make a profit and scale his business.

He had sent a solo ad, received some leads but made no sales…

This is going to happen in your business.

You might send a solo ad and make no money.

You might place a facebook or google PPC ad and see a higher than normal CPC and not even make a sale.

This is not only going to happen, it should be expected!

This guy was obviously mislead by someone or just straight drinkin the kool-aid…

But you know what?  It doesn’t matter what led him to this point.  What matters is mindset.

If you don’t have a strong mindset to get you through things like this or in this persons case, to know going in that this can happen, you should get out while you still can.  Business is not for whiners and quitters.

It’s for winners, big thinkers and dreamers that see a different path for themselves and their family.

If you want to succeed in the online business world, here’s the mindset to have when it comes to marketing, advertising and traffic generation.

Look down the road 6 months from today.

If you don’t have a traffic or advertising budget for every month.  Focus on free strategies like blogging, social media and doing videos.

If you do have an advertising budget, spend the money!  The only way you’re going to generate leads and make sales is if you spend the money.

As you go, you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t work.  You’ll be able to bring your CPC and CPA down.  You can go even further by building your own list and monetizing that list creating leverage, more income and bringing your CPA down even more.

Paid advertising and traffic generation is a long term game.  In fact, so is blogging and so called “free marketing.”

So get to work, come up with a plan.  Execute the plan.  Would you like help with the plan?  Go here now.


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