How To Create Your Sales Funnel

In the beginning, when I started to put more than one product in my sales funnel, I started to see much bigger results in my business and I was able to scale, re-invest profits and do things I wouldn’t normally be able to do.

It’s extremely important for you to create a multi-tiered sales funnel or sell a multi-tiered sales funnel.  You can so it with your own products and services or affiliate offers and direct sales businesses.

Think of it like this…

Your entry level product should be something of value to your prospect.  Something that solves their immediate problem.

Once you have it setup, you can have multiple entry level products that appeal to a more wider audience.

Next in line, we have the signature program.  This could be consulting, a membership site or a business opportunity.  Something that gives you either residual income, high ticket commissions or both.

Let’s say you pay $100 for a solo ad and get 4 sales for $25 each.

You’ve had a successful campaign and you broke even.  Now if you have a signature program, and 1 of those customers upgrades, you now have turned a “break even” campaign into a profitable one.

Now you can invest in more advertising, upgrade your business as a whole and take your business to the next level.

I’d like to help you set this up in your business…


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