How To Crush Shiny Object Syndrome

Online business owners have a serious condition.

It’s called Shiny “Object Syndrome.”

It’s a borderline disease that marketers have that takes them away from the focus of building their business and into a world of wasting time, energy and money on things they don’t really need.

Here’s how to crush this “SOS” once and for all:

Figure Out What Your Market Wants

You need to figure out what your market not only wants but what it needs right now.  Don’t worry about competition or saturation.  You can overcome this very easy by advertising and marketing correctly.

Market A Good Front End Offer

Create a good front end offer.  It can be an affiliate product or your own product.

This is going to be your focus from now on.  Nothing else matters.

Create A Front End Sales Funnel

You need to create a front end sales funnel that sells your product or service.  It doesn’t have to be that technical so don’t worry about that.

It could be as simple as your own landing page, thank you page and email followup.

Don’t over complicate it…

Start Driving Traffic

All of your time and resources should now be dedicated to driving traffic to your landing page.

If you’re blogging, link to the landing page.

If you’re making youtube videos, link to the landing page.

Solo ads?  Link to the landing page.

Create A Buyers List

Once you start seeing some sales start coming in, create a backend sales funnel.

This can be as simple as creating a buyers list that people sign into after they purchase your front end product.

You don’t need all the expensive CRM software to make this work.

You just need a normal email autoresponder.

You’ll then market an even better and more expensive product or service to your buyer list just like they are a leads list.

Don’t burn them off the list.  Be nice.  They are your buyers right?

Stop Buying Training You Don’t Need

As internet marketers, we are constantly bombarded by information on the latest and greatest trick, tactic or solution.

Pay no attention.

Unsubscribe from lists that don’t serve you.

The only time you should buy more training is if you need it and you have time to implement it.

Money can be spent on traffic generation.

That’s about it.

I hope this helps you get out of your own way.  All the stuff floating around with their hyped up marketing messages are mostly a waste of time.  Don’t fall for it.

Get focused…

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