How To Get Free Targeted Traffic On Facebook

Over the weekend, I attended a facebook webinar on traffic and lead generation put on by a trusted source.  Turned out to be a complete hype fest for another product and the tips given at the end of the webinar were complete non-sense.  I actually felt bad for the guy.  He basically told the audience that they should have a facebook account and that they should post stuff.

It was a complete waste of time but my loss is your gain because I’m going to lay out here some basic steps for you to get targeted traffic from facebook without spending a dime on paid advertising.

If you have a website and you’re trying to get eyeballs on your offer, you need to get a boatload of traffic.  Remember, sales is a numbers game and the same is true for online business.  The more traffic, the more leads you can get.  The more leads, the more sales you can get.

Here are some steps you can take on facebook to get that traffic to your website.

1) Create a list of subjects or keywords that are related to your offer.  Basically, you’re trying to create a page, or multiple pages on facebook, where your customers would want to hang out.

2) Create a facebook page and name it with the keyword in it.  This is going to be like an ad when other people see your posts on their pages or the pages that they frequent.

3) Start posting relevant information on the page.  Pretend you have 100,000 followers and that you’re trying to give them what they want.  Post content from your blog, tips and even other articles and videos from around the web.  Keep them entertained.

4) Select the option on your facebook page “use facebook as_____(your page name).  you’ll be able to use facebook as your page and then go to other pages in your niche and join in on the conversation.  If you do this strategically and you do it everyday, you’ll be surprised how much traffic you get back to your page.

5) Go back to your list and make a new page.  Make a page for every mini niche or subject within your niche.  Do the same thing for these pages.

Do it for an hour a day for 30 days and see what happens.  I remember a few years ago I attended another webinar where the presenter was making 15k just from this one traffic method.

Once you get it down, create more pages and more niches.  If you’ve got an online business offer, maybe create a page around travel and lifestyle.  Get creative.

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