How To Move Forward With Traffic Without Falling Behind

Let’s talk about traffic.

It’s king right?  That is if you have a sales funnel in place that turns the marketing wheels for you and creates leads, prospects and sales like clockwork…

So let’s assume you have your business setup right and you’re ready for traffic.

Now what?

Here are some questions you need to answer before you start your first traffic campaigns:

Should you go wide or go deep?

Should you go wide and deep?

What traffic technique should you start with?

Here’s my advice.

Start going deep with your funnel until it’s time to diversify and build a bigger list by going wide with multiple funnels.

There’s a lot of traffic techniques out there:



Video Marketing

Twitter and Social Media Marketing

Blogging and SEO

The list goes on.  I would look at your budget and figure it out that way.  Also, I’d only pick one traffic technique to start with.

If you have a never ending budget, start with PPC and scale to the moon.

If you have a small budget start with PPV.

If you have no budget at all but have some time on your hands, start with blogging and social media.

The biggest mistake you can make is to do nothing at all.

Start with one traffic source, scale it to 5 leads per day and then scale.

Once you have this on autopilot, add a new traffic source and repeat.

It’s doesn’t have to be hard, just take it step be step.

One last time!

Make sure you have a sales funnel setup right.  This goes for affiliate marketers as well as product owners.

Need help?  Need a business plan or technical support?

I’ve got you taken care of.

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