How To Use The You Inc Form Of Magnetic Marketing Without The U

If you’ve been in any kind of SoloPreneur activity, you’ve probably seen how magnetic marketing is intertwined with direct response marketing.

Direct sales professionals use it.

Real estate professionals use it.

Investing and Insurance sales…

It goes on and on…  Way too many to list here…

It’s a kind of branding and influence technique you could say.

It attracts people to you, your business, your brand and/or your entity.

There was Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing course.

Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring.

Attraction Marketing Formula by Elite Marketing PRO’s Ferny C.


All courses for the SoloPreneur or small business owner to attract more leads, clients and customers.

It just plain works.  However…

Some people don’t want to put themselves out there like that.

Many don’t have the personality for it.

Some have sensitive Government or Corporate jobs that may frown upon that kind of behavior online.  Sad but true.

Here’s the solution.

Come up with a brand that people will want to flock to.

It can be a fake name and cartoon character picture.  I’ve seen it work.

The Rich Jerk of the affiliate marketing world.

I just found out his real name in the last few years.

Jason Better of Better Networker and the network marketing industry.

I still don’t know if he is a real person or not.

The point is you don’t have to put yourself out there to receive the benefits of Attraction Marketing in your business.

Do what they have done.

Come up with your own version.

Your own idea.

Make it happen.

Get your copy of Attraction Marketing Formula.

Get on the scoreboard this week.