How Ugly Is Your Website?

The other day I bought a new WordPress theme from StudioPress.

I had been going back and forth on which theme I should use, tried a couple that I already owned and then bought a new one.

2 weeks later, I’m back to using one of my older themes.  I’ll try and use this one for awhile.  I’m also using it on some of my other niche sites.  I like it.

I should of just left things alone and I could have saved my money.  I saw the shiny new object (theme) and had to have it.  Maybe I’ll use it for another site in the future.

There’s a good lesson here and it could save your business.

Don’t play around in the sandbox too much.  Spend your time on money making activities.  Playing around with WordPress themes is not going to put the bread on the table.  I should have been doing keyword research, writing a new article, making a new video or updating a PPC campaign.

Back in 2010, I was observing a group of affiliate marketers that were learning how to blog spend $500 on a blog graphics package while some of the ugliest websites in the industry were pulling in 100-400 leads per day.

The kind of numbers that people dream of.

The kind of numbers that create a 6-7 figure income.

The kind of numbers that positively affects a family for generations to come.

This business is serious.  Being an Entrepreneur is a serious game.

One that can change your life forever.  The last thing you should be doing is wasting your time on graphics packages and new themes.

Don’t get me wrong, WordPress themes are cool and you’re going to want to upgrade your site from time to time.  Just don’t waste too much time on non-income producing activities.

You get my point right?

One with the fun…



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