I Learned This Once I Got Serious

I look back on my online business career and now realize that it was when I built a sales funnel for the first time that I had gotten serious about my business.

Now you could say that before I knew what a sales funnel was, I was already serious about doing business but I think if you were to say this, I would simply tell you that when I made my first sales funnel, I started to make a serious impact and started to see serious results.

But it wasn’t just the funnel, it was learning how internet traffic really worked. When I first started, traffic came from message boards, newsgroups and free classifieds.

Now it’s different. Now there are powerful search engines that let you find information with just a few keystrokes. Within seconds instead of days and weeks.

The foundation of internet traffic today is keyword search and the king of online advertising is Google AdWords.

I started putting together AdWords campaigns back in 2009 and was able to get my cost per lead in a competitive market down to almost jaw dropping numbers.

This enabled me to create more sales for my business and showed me the magic of an online business model.

I was using someone else’s system that I integrated with my own personality and follow up email campaigns.

I didn’t have my own products and services.

I simply set it up, added some affiliate products and learned internet traffic such as PPC and solo ads.

This is what I call the freedom model and I’m starting a new funnel soon to show you what’s possible.

Now, I’m going to show you how to skip the years of struggle that I went through.

Here’s the deal…

I’m giving you 4 steps today that can turn your business around if you apply them. If you don’t do this, where will you be in 5 years? How about 2?

Step 1) Learn Google AdWords. It will help you to understand the power of the internet and it will help you understand how to get other types of traffic such as solo ads and other PPC networks.

Step 2) Build a sales funnel.  Without this you won’t have a business at all.  One off advertising works for an elite few but seriously, why would you want to run your business that way?

Step 3) Learn the economics of online business.  Without this, you can’t scale your business and you’ll be stuck for quite some time.

Step 4) Get your free strategy session and customized business plan.

With these 4 steps you have a real chance of having a successful business and making your competition quiver with fear…

To business building!