I Need 300 Likes On My Facebook Page

The other day I touched on the consumer mindset vs. the business owner mindset.

I’m going to be pushing this content over and over again for years.

Why?  Because it’s the only thing in this business that can’t be bought.

Affiliate partnerships and licenses can be bought.

Websites and sales funnels can be bought.

Traffic can be bought.

Mindset is a never ending learning experience that everyone from Jimmy Buffett to Warren Buffett has to work on everyday.

Here’s my point for today.

I recently came across a blog post on a popular internet marketing blog where an affiliate was talking about not marketing her business until she had over 300 facebook page likes.

This is the big conundrum that is the home business world.

Consumers becoming business owners and sticking with the consumer mindset.

Let’s break it down a little more.

Facebook likes are irrelevant to business and marketing.

Well, I guess it plays a little role.  The middle class does look at twitter and facebook followers as some sort of status symbol or digital currency…

But don’t muddy the water.  The only thing that matters this week is how much traffic you drive to your landing page or how many leads your get to look at your sales page.

Facebook likes will come later, organically or through paid ads.

You should never let something like that get in the way of moving forward in your business.

Get out there and start marketing.

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