Internet Marketing Product Launches Reach Parody Level

Have you ever paid attention to internet marketing product launches?

You know the ones.  The ones where they have a fake scarcity deadline and then after the deadline they mysteriously had a problem with their web host, shopping cart, email autoresponder or maybe their cousin fell on his skateboard?

These launches have reached and have even shot past the parody level.

About a month ago I was laughing about it and was trying to think of some funny satire tweets to send on twitter.

Since then, I’ve seen at least 2 product launches use the “fake scarcity” bit combined with the “I had a problem” bit.

It’s not even funny anymore.

Internet marketers try to increase conversions at all costs.  One of the ways to do this is to send an email to your list.

The problem here is if you can’t come up with a reason to send an email and you have to make up a silly story about your web host going down, you have bigger problems.

It’s not all about increasing conversions though.

Sometimes it’s a way to get people to buy after the deadline.  Again, fake scarcity…

They say you can be successful in some aspects of business by watching what works and then copying it.  Don’t copy this.

You’ll have more success being transparent and upfront in your marketing and you won’t look like a damn fool while doing it.

Be you.  Be real.  I bet you have a better business.

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