Is This The Closest You Can Get To No Worry Hosting?

I hate hosting hiccups…  My first web host used to not only go down all the time, but it slowed down to the point that I used to spend time on the phone, on the online chat system and even in the support forum on and off for days.

A nightmare…  I guess it was their way of giving entry level users a reason to upgrade to their more expensive products.

I finally made the change.  My site speed went up immediately and I was thrilled by the service that they offered.  I still have them today and keep several websites up and running with no real issues.  I rarely even think about it.

There were a couple issues though and they made me change 2 of my sites to a new host that I thought would be a little bit better without the expensive hosting upgrade to a dedicated server.

I was playing around on some of my sites one weekend and I ran into some problems with some slow loading times.  I didn’t call customer service or start looking for new web host, I had already been looking into a solution for 2 of my sites that were going to have more traffic and would need more than the entry level hosting that I already had.

That was it.  Just a small issue and I pulled the trigger and moved 2 of my sites to WPEngine.

More security.

More speed.

Better up time.

The ability to handle large traffic spikes.

Win win all around.

If you have a WordPress blog website, I highly recommend it.

And hey, if you need an excuse to upgrade, just tell yourself that you’re finally going to start taking action to drive traffic to your site and that you’ll need this new hosting to move forward properly…


Get WPEngine today and I’ll throw in a free online business consultation and done for you tech services to get your website setup right.