Long Term Thinking

The other day I got wind of an affiliate contest for AMF (attraction marketing formula).

I was going to try and place so I was going through all of the advertising I was going to have to put out there to have a shot against the big super affiliates.

Then, I decided against it.

I’m more of a “just build your business kind of guy…”

I don’t do hypey affiliate contests and I don’t push the “affiliate product / launch of the week.”

It’s much easier to build a strong, long term business by either creating your own products or partnering with a proven business so you can sell their products as an affiliate or licensee.

Back to AMF.

You should get it.

It’s a basic, no nonsense plan for building a big business and cool brand using the power of the internet.

Since I did not participate in the contest, I made a decision to do something even better for you.

I’m putting together a bonus package so when you buy AMF, you get the tools and resources you need to build your business right.

If you buy AMF within 24 hours, I’m giving you my entry level front end startup consulting and done for you services program for free.

You’ll even get to use my funnel to make the same offer to your leads, clients and customers if you want to add AMF to your business.

Go here and grab this offer today.

I can’t make a better offer than this.

Don’t pass this up.