Moving Mid-Tier To A Front End Offer

I was just going over an old post that I did on pricing.

Why I Don’t Overprice My Stuff

I basically explained that anyone with the material and intelligence resources could go out and get the job done no matter how technical.

This leaves the little guy out in the cold with no jacket and a huge uphill battle.

I want to give him a fighting chance…

There’s more though and it’s how I recently mad a cool change that allows me to front end the main offer I have in a front end sales funnel.

My main offer is a blog, website and front end sales funnel service that can help SoloPreneurs get started and play like the big dogs with little to no complicated technical mumbo jumbo involved.

It sells on the low end of the spectrum for $297.

In a front end sales funnel, you would normally see a digital product offer anywhere from $27 – $97.

The $297 offering is definitely mid tier and I wanted something in the front end range so I simply added a payment plan of 4 payments for $97.

This way I can front end it and offer the service to customers that don’t want to come out of the pocket that heavy before they get to know me.

Problem solved and the customer gets what they want and then some.



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