SEO Is Dead Right?

Every other month you get some big article going around the net that states that the end of content marketing as we know is here and SEO is dead.

There are 2 causes for this.

People following the inner circle internet marketing blogs and repeating what they hear without testing it for themselves.

Blindly following the guru speak and literally buying their propaganda when they're trying to sell you a new "latest and greatest traffic product."

Look, you have to be smarter than this if you want to grow a successful business.  It's like people that watch cable news and literally believe anything their favorite TV personality says.  Uhg…

Just over the weekend I saw a call to action on a blog post about how email marketing and list building were both dead and it took me to an optin page…  

Off topic, back to SEO.

SEO is not dead.  Google and other search engines just got smarter and made it harder for bloggers and article writers to manipulate the system.

They basically kicked out the amateurs and made it a lot harder for beginners.

If you want that free traffic from the big G, here are some tips to get you started:

Write longer well written articles.  Google likes content.

Use H2 and H3 tags the correct way.  (your title tag is an H1 tag, don't use H1 tags in your articles)

Use keywords but don't abuse them and spam them throughout the article.

Link to your article naturally from other relevant parts of your blog.  Pages posts, etc.

Use off-site linking to your posts but leave the article directories out of the mix.  You can still use them for traffic generation, they still get visitors, but you probably want to leave the anchor text out of the mix.

Hope this helps.  Now go get some free traffic from Google with a well thought out content marketing strategy.


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