Setting Up Your Traffic Campaign

So you’ve got into business by creating your own products and services, becoming an affiliate for an existing business or joined a direct sales company and you’re now ready to start marketing and advertising.

Here’s what to do first.

You need a plan.

There’s a funny back and forth between Alec Baldwin and Fred Thompson in “The Hunt For Red October.”

Adm. Painter: What’s his plan?

Jack Ryan: His plan?

Adm. Painter: Russians don’t take a dump, son, without a plan.

You should think about this in your business.  I mean, you’re not trying to defect with a nuclear  sub, but it still applies here…

Before you make a move to get more traffic, you need a plan.  Without one you could be spinning your wheels for years.  With one you could start seeing compounding results before you ever thought possible.

So here’s the deal?

Do you have at least $500 per month for a paid advertising and marketing strategy?

If not, you need to stick to free methods like blogging, video marketing and social media.  You won’t be able to scale as fast but these methods do work and your ROI will be greater since you’re not spending your money on traffic.

Just make sure your sales funnel is in place so you’re able to grow.  You want to be leveraged with multiple product offerings to make sure you take care of your customers, break even or make a profit.

Tomorrow we’ll dive into step 2.  Hope you have fun during traffic week here at Steve Cosner dot com.

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