Social Media Euphoria Gone Wild

Ever heard of the “dot com bubble?”


It was a period in the late 1990’s where the market was fueled by internet growth by a combination of dot com tech companies and telecommunications/internet companies that drove the markets and created a kind of “euphoria” where the average person thought the stock market was going to grow forever.


Including myself…

I not only lived through this time, I lived the dot com bubble life.

I worked at a brilliant tech company (that was gobbled up by a fly by night over extended telecom.)

I made 10’s of thousands of dollars in stock options.

I lost 10’s of thousands in stock holdings.

So how did this happen?

Well, people are idiots.

They believe what they see on TV and get caught up in the hype.

Everyone that actually pays attention to things and watches out for this hype knows very well that the markets have their ups and downs and that nothing lasts forever.

Look what’s happening today.

You’ve got the same type of euphoria only it’s a little different this time around.

It’s fueled by social media (euphoria) companies and hot money flooding the markets and trying to keep everything even.  Not exactly a free market environment.

You’ve got ridiculous nonsense where digital social media companies that have never made a profit and never built anything are worth more than IBM…

The same idiot pundits on TV that laughed at people that predicted the 2008 market crashes.  (They’re still doing it today)

The same financial advisers pushing risky investments on hard working people.

Look, you don’t get rich in the markets by buying high and selling low.

But guess, what?

Wall Street owns it’s own investments.  They also own the media companies that broadcast this nonsense to the masses and that’s how they make their money and that’s how they legally steal from main street.

So how do you get ahead in this kind of environment?

You’ve got to learn the secrets that they know.  Without the right intelligence you’re dead in the water.

The real secret to living free is having the human and material resources to survive these ups and downs and to do what you want every day of your life.

There’s no need to run off to a nine to five job everyday if you don’t have to.

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