Split “Testing” Decisions

So when should you split test?  Eventually, this question is going to come up.

Should I even worry about it at all?

Here's the low down…

There are 2 camps in the online marketing space.  Well, There are 2 main camps.

One camp is going to tell you to split test everything.

Your font.


Position of your optin box.

The other camp is going to tell you to completely ignore it and they actually make fun of the other marketers wasting time pouring over mindless details.


So what should you do here?  What camp should you go to?

Why not just forget the 2 camps and pave your own way?

And here's how to do it.

Take a look at your business and see if you have consistent traffic, leads and sales coming in.  If you do, maybe it's time to start split testing your landing page or something to start out.

If you don't have consistent traffic, leads and sales coming through your business pipeline, you need to be worrying about other things at the moment so just put the whole split testing question out of your mind.

Here's a rule I think you should go by…

If you have over 3000 hits to your landing page per week and over 100 leads come into your funnel, start split testing.

If you have 100 hits per week and 3 leads, forget about it and go buy more traffic.

On with the fun,



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