Stop Hit And Run Affiliate Marketing

Are you doing one off advertising or what some have called hit and run marketing? If so you could be killing your business.

Let me explain.

I do a lot of affiliate marketing which means I sell other people’s products and services and I make a commission. I don’t have my own products but I do have my own consulting services. Other than that, its all affiliate marketing.

If you’re doing hit and run affiliate marketing and you generate leads or make a sale, you’ve given someone else the customer and you’ll never hear from them again. This is not a way to run a business.

If you want to run your business the right way, you’ve got to build a list and create a sales funnel that sells for you, collects leads and convert those leads to sales.

Your affiliate marketing business is not your business. You don’t own it.

Your sales funnel is your business.

If you’re building a list and the affiliate network goes out of business or takes away their partner program, you still have a list to market to. You still have a list of customers.

If you’re not building a list and the affiliate program goes out of business, your income goes away. Same is true when your advertising campaign ends.  It’s over.  You’re just middle man with no assets.

Another benefit of list building is you can replace the product in your sales funnel at any time.

Let’s say you sell a product on email marketing and for whatever reason you can no longer sell that affiliate product anymore. All you need to do is replace that email marketing product with a different product from a different affiliate network. You can do this overnight. Just grab your new affiliate link and update your thank you pages, your sales pages and your email follow up.

You can also update your blog posts and you’re social media links if needed.

So make sure you start building a list. Just the other day I saw an interview with a popular affiliate marketer and he was trying to figure out how much money he lost by not building a list from the very beginning.

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