Success Comes From Commitment

I've been in the small business and Internet marketing game for over 15 years.

In fact, when I got started internet marketing was basically just posting in forums, online classifieds and newsrooms (basically just message boards).

It's been a long time and when I look back on the entire journey, there's been plenty of ups and downs.  Big breakthroughs, long periods of time not focusing on what I should have been doing, struggles with technology and implementation.

My point is that if you want something bad enough, you're going to make it through to the other side.  But only if long term commitment exists as a foundation.

There was never a moment that I felt I could or even wanted to quit creating.

The question is, do you have that kind of commitment and drive?

If not, you better get it quick.  Find it.  Seek it out.  Your well being and maybe even the well being of your family is at stake.

This is your future calling.  Do you want a better life?  Would you like to be free?

Learn new skills.  Create.  Thrive.

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