The Business In A Box Digital Franchise

I got started with affiliate marketing back in 1997.

I didn’t really know anything about a sales funnel and list building, I just placed ads and drove traffic to an offer.

Once I got serious in 2009, I started learning about increasing conversions using a funnel, email marketing and list building.

In 2010 I built my first sales funnel using an out of the box solution that I added my own personality to using my own sales copy, affiliate products and a direct sales company on the back end.

It was the closest thing to having my own business with my own products and services without all the work involved.

I simply drove targeted traffic to my landing page and the sales funnel did the rest. I never even had to speak to anyone on the phone.

This was something I put together using different pieces of the online business puzzle. Here in 2014, you can get your own digital franchise or “business in box” that you can use as your business.

There are top tier direct sales companies.

Product licensing with a high converting sales funnel that sells the products and services.

Funded proposal businesses.

All basically a “business in a box” solution without the significant time investment and learning curve of creating your own products, services and sales funnel.

Even after creating my own products and services, I still use this type of solution within my own business to create income and to give my leads, clients and customers what they need.

If you’re interested in this type of solution, I’ve put together some great content for you to get more information.

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