The Business In A Box Solution

Have you ever marketed an affiliate program or your own products and services, spent money on advertising and not gotten the return you were expecting?

There could be numerous problems with your business and I wouldn’t know without taking a look at it but generally, it comes down to 2 things.

Traffic and Conversion…


If your traffic is junk, your offer is not going to sell.  It doesn’t matter how good it is.

You might make sale here and there but it’s not sustainable.

If your traffic is top tier and targeted correctly, there’s something else wrong with the conversion process.

If you’re getting leads, you landing page is probably ok.

If your not converting sales, it could be your sales page or email followup that’s not getting the job done.

Internet marketing success is about testing and getting all parts of your sales funnel working and that’s what I did with a recent test I did with an affiliate program I’m promoting.

In fact, I didn’t even have to set anything up.  It was already setup for me.

I simply drove traffic to an offer and watched the online sales funnel process work out perfectly.

Once you have this correctly setup in your business, you should have a business in a box solution that you can drive traffic to.

If fact, once you get it going, you could even outsource your traffic generation and concentrate on converting sales.  Then you could outsource that and your business then turns into “the freedom model.”

That’s another case study for another time.

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