The Case Against Social Media

Yesterday I was in a few facebook marketing groups.

Not only the incredibly useful mastermind groups but the horrendous spam groups that are popping up everywhere.

Then I went to twitter and typed in a few brand name product names.  All I found were spammy advertisements (if you can call them that) and just complete ridiculousness.

Back to facebook groups as an example.

Everyone in these spammy groups are not bad people.

Most are just misled by their company or opportunity and have no clue about what it takes to build a business.

They have no skills.

They Don’t have a proper marketing system or sales funnel.

They simply can’t marketing anything without spamming.

It’s not their fault.

I’ve actually reached out to some of these people and have been able to help the ones that wanted to be helped.

Here’s what I would tell anyone that is spamming facebook groups and other social media sites, “you’ll never be able to build a successful business by silly social media posts and blog comments, especially if they are simply advertisements.”

If you want a six figure business, or any business at all, you probably need help.

I can probably tell you where the holes in your business are in 10 minutes of looking at it.

So get it together.  Build your business so you can build your dream lifestyle.

That is what we’re in this for right?

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