The Importance Of Being Resourceful

The other day I took my car into the shop to get fixed.  It was a tricky problem that I could not diagnose on my own so after doing as much research as I could, I had it towed to a shop that I heard was pretty good.

They did a state inspection and gave it an oil change and since the car was not giving them any codes to go on, they were stumped and could not work on the car.

Not wanting to give up, I went online and found a certified Infiniti mechanic to help me diagnose the car.  He gave me some things to try and I worked as a middle man between him and the repair shop.

We decided it needed a certain part (a MAF sensor) and I was told they were ordering it.

A whole week goes by and finally I call them up.  They stated that the service department didn’t have the part number and that if I wanted to go get the part from the dealer, they would gladly install it for me.

A whole week…

At this point I had the car towed back home just to get it back from a clueless repair shop so I could regroup.

There’s a couple business lessons here.

1) The shop should have been the one that went online and found a certified tech to diagnose the car, not me.  This shows a complete lack of resourcefulness and motivation to do the job that they are supposed to be doing.  If you’re selling products and services online or offline, make sure your leads, clients and customers have a good experience with you.  You don’t have to work for them for free, just be resourceful.  If you can’t help them with their issue, find someone who can.  Don’t abandon them.

2) When it comes to being resourceful, you have the internet.  Can you imagine having to go to the nearest 7-11 to look for a picture of your favorite car in the newest car magazine?  This is what I had to do when I first started driving…  You have the knowledge of every library in the world at your fingertips.  Use it!

Now back to the story.  I simply did some more research online in the Infiniti forums and found the problem.  It was a small gasket in the fuel filter and I bought it for $5 and installed it myself.

Purrs like a kitten…

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