The Level 0 Affiliate Marketing Startup

A lot of my business model revolves around helping affiliate marketers and network marketers setup a website, their first landing page and sales funnel.

Most of the time this is a good thing but it can complicate your business and I’m not talking about the technical aspects.

Sometimes when you start doing too many things you get away from the most important thing that you need to be doing.

Getting targeted traffic to your landing page and creating more front end buyers.

I was on a webinar for a popular affiliate marketing company and I remember the host making a guarantee.  He said, “if you can get 3 new front end customers a day and you’re still not making $30,000 per month, I’ll coach you up for free…”

A bold statement right?  Well, maybe not…

If he has the data to back it up, he might not ever have to coach anyone.

Numbers don’t lie.  That’s the big lesson for you today.

You must know the economics of your business or the business your partnered up with.  At least know the average numbers of the industry.

Then get back to the basics.

If you see yourself drifting around with no real direction and you’re doing things that don’t lead to new front end customers, you may just want to simplify your business and start running traffic right to a good offer.

I’m going to call this the “level 0 affiliate marketing startup.”

Not only does this simplify your business for the time being, it can get you results faster and remove all variables that you add when you create your own sales funnel.

I would only do this with an offer from a reliable company with a good track record and a high converting marketing funnel.

I have just the solution:

The MTTB Program

It’s a new offer and people need it.  Get started today and when it’s time for you to get your first landing page setup, I’ll do it for free…