The Level 1 Affiliate Marketing Startup

Let’s talk about affiliate marketing.

Not the silly “sell products from big companies and earn tiny 10% commissions.”

I’m talking about business in a box partner programs and licensee opportunities.

Not only can you earn close 90% commissions on the front end but you can earn big ticket commissions on the back end too.

In normal affiliate marketing, your time, effort and money is pushed into acquiring customers for the company and earning small commissions.

Not only that, these customers could potentially buy even more products in the future.

Products that you will not earn a commission on.

Partner programs are where it’s at in the online home business world.


There are some negatives to these programs.

Replicated websites that other affiliates are using.

The cost of acquiring a customer is higher if you let the system do all the work.

The inability to build your own leads and customer lists.

Just some things to think about.

There are probably more positives than negatives like the ability to get into business for yourself fast without the cost of a traditional franchise.

Also, I should note that some companies have invested in technology that does let you plugin your own email autoresponder service so you can build your own list.  Bravo to these cutting edge companies…

Here’s what I suggest and I am kind of biased since my front end startup program was created just for these affiliates in mind.

simple landing page

If your just starting out, advertise your system as soon as possible.

Even if you don’t make a profit at first, the email notifications of new leads and sales may just be enough motivation to stay in the game long enough for you to succeed. Most people quit before they see any successes in the home business industry.

After you place a few ads, invest in your own blog, landing page and email followup.

This will let you stand out from the crowd.

You can also use attraction marketing to increase conversions.

Over time you get the same amount of people to see your offer and you can increase lead generation by split-testing it against the company landing page by duplicating it or at the very least creating a similar page.

Increasing leads and conversions will increase your sales and income over time which can bring your EPC’s down which is a huge deal in the internet marketing world.

So, if you want to advertise your partner program using your company provided landing pages, great.  It’s a great way to stop wasting time and start taking action.

When you’re ready, start your own front end system.

Sky is the limit.