The Next Step On Your Quest To Drive Traffic

Today we’ll look at the next step for building out your traffic campaigns.

The internet is revolutionary because unlike the old school days of advertising in magazines and newspapers that would target a wide range of people that may want your product or service, now you have the ability to actually advertise to the people that are flat out searching for what you have.

The next step is keyword research…

Write down 10-20 2-3 word keyword phrases that you think your potential customers would type in.  Run them through Google and find the long tail keyword phrases.

keyword research short phrases


Now take the long tail keywords and write those down.  Later you can run those through the search engines and see if you can get some more longer phrases to add to your keyword list.

Run the list through Google and see what websites come up in organic search.  You can place ads on these sites.  Most people are so worried about SEO and organic search rankings for popular keywords that they forget that there are already sites that exist that they can advertise on.

Pay attention to the ads that come up on the right side of the page.  They are your competition if you decide to get into PPC advertising.

You can now advertise via PPC on the big search engines, place banner ads on the websites that come up in your searches or even place an email ad to the website owners list if they offer it.

Be creative.  There’s a lot of traffic out there.  Time for you to get some of it and prosper accordingly.

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