The Riches Of Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is the end all, bell all in the online marketing world.

If you have a properly optimized sales funnel that you can advertise online and convert visitors into leads and then leads into sales, you’ve reached the summit…

If you can break even on the front end of your funnel or at least come close, now you’ve reached the peak.  Now you can scale your business and all the sales of medium range to top tier products can now be considered profit.

Most people don’t ever make it to this point.  Most never even make it out or the gate.

Here’s the mindset of an Entrepreneur that is just testing the waters or an affiliate marketer that is following the latest guru advice no matter where it leads them.

They send one solo ad or place one banner ad.

They get less than expected results.

They quit paid advertising.

They blame everyone but themselves.

If you want to business right you need to build a sales funnel that can be tested and tweaked over time and you need to think long term when it comes to paid advertising.

Paid Advertising


The graphic shows 2 lines.  One for profit and one for advertising.

For advertising, it shows long term ad spend.

For profit, it shows an increase over time.  Once you get your funnel optimized and you can make a profit higher than your ad spend, you finally cross the ad spend line.

The profit line should actually be a sales figure, not profit, but let’s not split hairs here.  You understand the example right?

So get to work.  Paid media should be a long term strategy.  If you can’t afford that right now, you can still make good money online.  you just have to work your tail off with free traffic strategies…

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