The Switch To WPEngine

Over the weekend, I made the switch from my previous hosting company to WPEngine which is a premier hosting company for WordPress websites.


I did this for 2 main reasons…

1) I started seeing some lag time in the loading of my sites and wanted to cut this out of my business ASAP.  Moving to WPEngine gives me the speed I’m looking for and will be an asset when doing paid traffic campaigns that drive a lot of traffic during short bursts.  There’s no way my previous provider could have handled it without me upgrading to a $300 per month plan and I just didn’t need that when I can pay 1/10th of that at WPEngine.

2) Security is key.  A while ago, my site was breached and I had some spam code put into my sites header.  I got rid of that and moved to the Genesis Framework for my WordPress themes.  These are premium themes that keep the trolls out.  This worked very well and the move to WPEngine will magnify my sites security.

When it comes to hosting your website, don’t take chances.  You never know when a slow loading site could scare away a potential long term customer or a security issue wipes away years of work (this actually happened to someone I know just last month).

If you’d like to try WPEngine, they offer a 60 day trial period with a money back guarantee.  I’ll even help you get setup and give you a free strategy session and custom business solution to get you started right.

Just buy WPEngine here and contact me here.

Easy right?  Talk soon.