There’s Treachery Afoot

Today I started the day pretty good. Then I opened my inbox…

I see an email from a company owner in the home business and internet marketing space. Another person’s business has been shut down by the likes of the “overlords of internet marketing.”

I’m not going to name the company’s name here, but if you’ve been in the online business world for any length of time, you know who I’m talking about.

These are the same people that sell email marketing software, let you use it and then give your leads, clients and customers a chance to report you for spam even after they went through a double optin process to be able to receive the email messages.

This would be a like a fast food chain selling you food, not giving you a trashcan to throw said food away and then arresting you for leaving the store with the trash in your hand…

These people have a successful business but are completely disconnected from the real world.

The internet marketing company that I’m talking about that got shut down is not the first to bite the dust at the hands of these borderline criminal overlords and it won’t be the last.

Why did they get their account and software shutdown and suspended?

An internet troll with nothing better to do reported the emails being received as spam?

Some poor little wimp of a man bought a product or service and decided to report them for a so called “get rich quick” scheme when his little mind refused to use what he learned, did not take any action and then never saw any results?

Maybe it was a combination of these and/or other actions by beaten down wimps that blame others for their situation and don’t take any personal responsibility.

There’s a bunch of lessons here:

1) Don’t run your company like this. Your customers keep you in business and you need to protect them, not shut them down because they were using your product!!!

2) If you buy a product or serviceĀ and don’t take any action on what you learned, stop asking for refunds and blaming company owners and marketers that sold you the product. Take some personal responsibility. Work harder. Take action.

3) If you sign up to receive someone’s email newsletter, don’t report them for spam if you don’t like the information you’re receiving or if you didn’t feel like getting email that day. Unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.

4) Contrary to most peoples brainwashed belief systems, a “get rich quick” solution is a good thing. Getting rich quick is faster and a scheme is simply a well thought out plan. Stop sabotaging yourself.

That’s it for my rant today. If you want help building your online business the right way, hit me up here.


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