Traffic Is Not The Problem

In the online business world, traffic is everything.  Or is it?  Everyone wants traffic to put into their sales funnels to sell their own products or affiliate offers.  If you put high quality traffic into a high converting sales funnel, you win in the online business arena and you live the dream.

So what really is the problem here?

Traffic is everywhere.





Social Media

It’s everywhere.  You can get traffic anywhere.

The real issue is converting the traffic into leads and a percentage of those leads into sales.  Your goal should be to get your cost per lead down low enough that you can pay for your traffic costs with your entry level product.

You can then scale your business up from there with even more traffic.

So how do you do this?  You setup a sales funnel including a landing page, thank you page, sales page (can be your affiliate product here) and email followup.

That’s generally what a sales funnel is.  It’s just something that takes your traffic, turns it into leads and turns your leads into sales.

I’ll be writing more on conversion points in the future but I wanted to show you a simple solution to getting more sales and scaling your business.

If you’d like a simple solution to setting this up in your business without the technical challenges, go here now and fill out the form to receive a free strategy session.


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