Why I Don’t Overprice My Stuff

The other day I came across a Google PPC ad.  You could say that it was from one of my competitors.

What caught my eye after I clicked was the fact that they were charging a ridiculous amount of money for their front end product which was an entry level website service.

No email marketing or list building help.

No sales funnel help.

No tips or custom business plan.

Nothing but a shell of a website that they probably licensed from someone else and are reselling as part of their “great website package of the month” product line.


I keep my prices low compared to the main stream because I want to help home business owners that want to get from point a to point b on their entrepreneurial journey without wasting precious resources.

Anyone with a large amount of resources and connections can go out and hire someone to get a job done.

I wanted to make sure I could help the little guy that might not have those resources or connections.

Not only that but I wanted to give them what they needed and not just some flavor of the month website with no plan.

A website is dead in the water without a plan hanging out in the Google ghost town.

So do you want a plan?

Do you need a website, sales funnel or more income?

I can help and I’m not going to overcharge you.

There are people out there spending thousands on web services that will leave them broke, with no plan and an internet business that goes no where.

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