You Have The Right To Stay Broke

Have you ever been driving in a car with someone and they say something like, “hey, look at that Ferrari. How can they afford that?”

It doesn’t have to be about cars. It could be about houses, boats, trucks or planes.

People are actually programmed to go out, get a job, work for someone else, take orders and hardly anyone ever does anything for themselves that can lead to prosperity.

In turn, they believe that affording something of extreme value is out of their reach.

People like to stay broke.

They like to play the victim.

They like to blame others for their problems.

They idolize rich people but they refuse to do anything for themselves that could make them rich.

They’ll drag you down with them if you try to do anything different that could actually separate you from them.

So how do you break the cycle?

It’s simple really. You need a vehicle.

This would include things like your own business, investment strategy or something that can get you the human and/or material resources to get you to the next level.

This means learning new skills, gaining intelligence and information, shutting off the TV and reading books to gain knowledge.

While you’re doing this there’s also a shortcut you can take.

You can leverage a proven business model.

This would include franchises, business licenses and other vehicles that let you start your own business and earn while you learn.

You may want to even take it one step further and make sure you enter a fast growing industry to jump start your journey.

If I had to start all over today, I would do this.