Your Sales Letter

What type of sales letter do you use?

A video sales letter (VSL)?

A long form written sales letter?

I use both depending on what I’m selling.  Here’s a little trick I learned about sales letters.

If you write good emails, you don’t even need one…

You can send your subscribers right to a signup link.

Think about it.  What does an email usually include?

A short story?

A few tips and tricks?

A call to action?

Sounds like a sales letter to me.

What I like to do is add a link to a sales letter in my emails but then on the 3rd or 4th follow-up, I like to include a signup link instead.

I’m basically assuming that if they’ve made it this far in the follow-up email series that they have already seen and at least read or watched some of the sales letter.

Then I give them a chance to get on a more valuable email list.

This works even better when you’re building your own list and selling affiliate products.  When done right, the lead gets added to your list and then gets added to the company list which means the odds of you making a sale just doubled.

Cool right?

This all comes down to whether you’re doing email marketing the right way and believe me, if you’re doing it right, you’re having fun!


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